How can we take action for the environment and stay sane?

[4mins read] [Answer to Renato’s letter] Hi Renato, I cannot thank you enough for your words and pictures. What they’ve done to my soul is as irreplaceable as it’s a (semi-) small gesture responding to vibrations I have been sending out. I find it compelling to read how you’re using your senses to uncover the truth about yourself, your world. The climax made me cry when you described how you’ve been strengthening your family ties. I miss my family a lot. Here, the rainy season just started, and it will soon turn into winter. I love fall for all its nuances, and I’m so happy that someone at the other end of the world (you) is experiencing it as well! Here though, something is striking: it’s raining more, creating more friction, leaving us wet. We cannot see it, but I can feel Climate Change. As much as Greta Thunberg did already 10 years ago. We’re all just bystanders letting the unthinkable happen. It’s less the catastrophic sight of having more palm trees and warmer day. More, the underlying logic of greed and capitalism shapes a vision in me: I want to take action. Speaking of action: your pathway is a great one to read! I am proud of you. And this is just the beginning. The perks from running your startup sound like you’ve taken them from a Y-Combinator Accelerator handbook on „how to work your ass off but never get paid“. Joke aside: THIS is a chance. This is THE chance to coin the way how YOU want to work. I mean, „the new way of working“ is the buzz phrase of the next century. But this topic WILL allow us to take action AND earn enough money to feed our family and make an impact. You said you are into coffee now? Tell me more. When I was in Senegal, I met someone who researches on the Mango harvest. I was blown away on how many different mango strains exist. I switched to caffeine-free coffee. Now I’m trying to find a brand that actually does decent black powder. I am curious about you guys‘ plans. There’s this Swiss platform, Gebana. They import goods directly from their partners and farmers from all over the world. Maybe you guys can exchange contacts? I have a connection there. You wrote, „offices are not for me.“ They are for nobody. What they do: they frame your productivity mind and give it a house, so you don’t have to take it home and keep it with you all the time. The office system is broken. We spend too much time there. We are domesticated toads lunching at 12pm and then sitting down again. I want to cut down office times to 5hrs / day. The rest is for reading, connecting, creating WITHOUT the computer and the desk. Let’s see what I can make out of this vision. 2020 is the year of working with people, not with laptops. I had another idea related to this. I want to set up a web platform connecting traveling professionals to work on projects face-to-face. Then, we could onboard co-working spaces and agencies on to host the project workers in their halls. The platform could pay for itself by taking a commission for every interaction, running on blockchain-powered smart contracts. So much about the future. I believe you are, in some ways, much closer to the rawness of light and dark, struggle and love, nature and civilization than I am here in Switzerland. We are not really isolated. Still, Swiss ways of dealing with conflict, love, nature, friendship is so institutionalized that it’s almost invisible. If you subtract the human unpredictability from everyday life, everything runs like a Swiss clock. But it’s kinda… mechanic. I’ve met some brilliant ouls along my way, and I feel like adventure here takes on different forms. It happens behind closed doors and in the mountains. Which is great! I still dream every day about returning to the ocean. I have a question for you. How can we balance our needs yet still make a positive social/environmental impact? We are so wrapped in our own problems, disconnected from physical community, covered with ideologies in different life spheres, prompted to work for consumption. How do we do this? The last year for me has been dark. Ever since I crashed in December from something like a burnout, I’ve been viciously working, fighting, loving, accepting a condition that remains mysterious to me. It’s much better now, but I never get more than 5 hours of sleep per night. I still get daytime panic & dissociation attacks. Every time I need to travel somewhere, I feel like I have to be extra vigilant and on the fence so that I don’t lose my mind. I do see a therapist, but I refuse to take medication. I am experimenting a lot with alternative methods. Of course, yoga & meditation cure it for the moment. Healing is a process I’ve never seen unfold as slowly as it does with me. There are many days in which I think it’s never getting better. In fact, it DOES. If I look back and see how I’ve been improving: How I steadily re-conquer the activities I once was so used to do without thinking twice. How every effort yields a return. How deeply I reconnect with myself. With ALL the trauma and ALL the conditioning that has been defining my path. Love and fun and friends and family, physical strength & mental clarity are simply given to us. We just need to take them – the greatest gift. Maybe that’s what resonates so much in me reading your lines. When you’re forced into a place of deep discomfort, the far unknown, this is where you unfold. We are reborn every second. I want to offer you a deal. I would love to read more from you. I am sure many people would, too. Would you want to write about your path, what you experience, and what your thinking is? I can pay you for each post, maybe once or twice a month. You would be totally free in your writing-You could use my Grammarly account to smoothen the text (I am using it always, it’s gold for writing). You would get an own account for kaosempire.com so you could post on the blog. What do you think?