This blog is an experiment now: the letter project

Dear readers, for a long time, it was unclear what pur This changes today.

Read letter exchanges by people who go through crazy transitions.
You will read the personal letters written by people who are going through profound personal and professional transition phases. These letters will be answered by a KAOS member. This way, a dialogue unfolds and brings life to theoretical concepts & ideas we at KAOS would otherwise keep to ourselves.
The first letter comes from Renato. He’d been deported from Germany and had to start from 0 again
Although Renato holds a German master’s degree and worked a skilled job, the German state expelled him. He lost everything he’d worked for: his friends and ties. Renato went back home to Central America, moved in with his mum, and started from scratch. On the KAOS blog, he writes about his path.
What you get from reading this
We all go through changes. We all have dreams. Maybe, we can spark ideas in you, soothe your soul, and keep you motivated to never stop searching. If you tell someone about your, it becomes more likely that you pursue them. In the next months, you will be the witness of how the lives of KAOS blog writers continue to evolve.
Write to us 
If you are going through a transition, write us a letter. We cannot guarantee to answer as this is a non-profit, experimental project. But we will try.