Make a silent tick mark behind every statement you consider true.

  • I need my audience to understand how cool we are.
  • Deep down I know our company is a trend setter– we just need a little edge.
  • My audience should know how useful our company is. 
  • The perfect customer is out there and I want to catch him.
  • We do have customers but they seem to not give a fuck about us. 
  • We have 2000 Facebook likes but nobody buys our product. 
  • I would love to see some engagement with our product. 
  • Our peers say we are a solid company. SOLID IS AVERAGE. 
  • We want to build a product so fun our customers never want to buy anything else.
  • I wonder why nobody really buys our stuff in the amazing sales channels we have.

If you silently ticked one statement or more, you’re totally ready for change.

The core of my work: Turning your brand relevant

Your brand is awesome. So are many others. That’s why we have to shape your brand’s unique identity. Here are three dimensions especially important to communicate:

Authenticity — Your brand needs to stay true to original values and heritage.

Sustainability –Your product needs to increase & communicate its positive social and / or environmental impact.

Product / Service  Functionality — Your product needs to become useful in the respective context.


*click here if you want to learn about the ASP framework

This is how we work with you

  1. We get in touch and chat about your brand.
  2. After getting an idea of your challenge, we use our proprietary ASP framework (and other tools) to analyse where your brand is at and what’s going on with the market.
  3. Then, we will share with you what needs to be done in order to achieve your goal.
  4. The best part: We will execute the strategy we provided in step 3 with the perfect mix of services.
  5. You get extremely happy.

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